Notes from Silicon MilkRoundabout

12 Nov 2012

Silicon Milk Roundabout (SMR) is a two day job fair in London organised by SongKick and other startups with the goal of connecting developers and startups under the motto - "Friends don't let Friends work for banks". Continue»

wireWAX is hiring - Startup Interview

01 Nov 2012

wireWAX is an interactive video technology. It allows anyone to add clickable hotspots to moving people and objects in video - putting leading edge image technology into peoples hands. Continue»

OpenSignal is hiring - Startup Interview

29 Oct 2012

OpenSignal is the world's biggest project to map cell and wifi signal. Their database of crowdsourced cellular and wifi readings powers a recommendation engine that helps people choose the best cellular network for them... Continue»

Quiet Riots - Hiring Web Developers - Startup Interview

25 Oct 2012

Quiet Riots is a platform to enable people to find others who are annoyed about their problem and take action about it. Very typical examples include lost luggage, delayed flights and rude staff at RyanAir, long queues, and bank charges... Continue»

Roundabout: Jobs for Developers

23 Oct 2012

Roundabout is job board for developers. But that's just a short way of saying it. There's something more to add. If you look at a job board, any job is described like a set of requirements. A list of keywords. We're developers and that helps to understand which framework/language is used and some aspects of the development. But is that enough? Continue»

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