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25 Oct 2012

Ege is the technical lead of Quiet Riots, you can reach him at [email protected] and Simon is the CEO of Quiet Riots, you can reach him on [email protected]. Both love the idea and are enthusiastic to speak about it 7-24 so do drop an email if you have something to say about Quiet Riots.

Hello, thanks for your time! What's QuietRiots?

Simon: Quiet Riots is a platform to enable people to find others who are annoyed about their problem and take action about it. Very typical examples include lost luggage, delayed flights and rude staff at RyanAir, long queues, and bank charges. In addition to customer service issues, you will also find political, community and social problems. Our aim is not to be a hate forum but rather to enable and drive positive change and take action.

Let's talk about the technology behind QuietRiots

Ege: The most beautiful system I have ever worked on, and I have worked on 10+. It's TDD/BDD driven, Ruby on Rails with Backbone.js. Uses Git for version control and has a continuous integration system in place. It's complex but once you get the hang of it, it's simply beautiful.

How is it working at QuietRiots? Where are you based?

Ege: We will be working at Google Campus.

How would it be a typical week for a developer at QuietRiots?

Ege: Well we need code to make it happen so it will be mostly writing code. But it has a startup nature so it comes with its challenges of rapid iteration and we expect every team member to take full responsibility of the product. So at times you are likely to find yourself making crucial decision for the roadmap or attending conferences and telling people about Quiet Riots.

Currently we are looking to expand our team with a full-time developer who is as excited as us. More information can be found on Quiet Riots.


Learn more about them at: http://www.quietriots.com

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