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23 Oct 2012

What is Roundabout?

Roundabout is moderated job list, with real jobs and no recruiters. But that's just a short way of saying it. There's something more to add.

If you look at a job board, any job is described like a set of requirements. A list of keywords.

We're developers and that helps to understand which framework/language is used and some aspects of the development. But is that enough?

What if...

What if a job board would feature ads with:

  • Pictures of the office, because the working environment is a really important aspect.
  • Description of the team, how many people work in a team?
  • Few words about the workstation, having a great machine can make it or break it.
  • Social aspect, is it a good place to work? Do people meet up after work?
  • Description of a typical work week for a developer. Is it all about writing new code?
  • Management, who's going to be your manager and what does he expect from you?

If you're an experienced developer you still need to ask these questions over email or during the interview. Why is it so hard to get these info in first place?

Ok, What is Roundabout?

Now it's easier to say. Roundabout wants to be the place where companies will find developers that match their vision, not a bullet list of keywords.

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