Lyst is changing the way people shop for fashion online, by making it simpler and more personalised. Users follow their favourite brands, bloggers, magazines and influencers on Lyst to create their own shopping feed they can buy directly from. Millions of people use Lyst every month, generating millions of dollars for our partners around the world.

Office and Location

Our Shoreditch HQ is located within five minutes of no fewer than six of the finest flat white vendors in London. If the large, open, light, bike-friendly office isn't enough for you, head out to the larger of our two roof terraces, which is perfectly oriented for gazing over the City of London skyscrapers in order to appreciate how fortunate we are not to work there. Then pop back inside, via a kitchen stocked with fresh organic fruit we get delivered weekly, to attempt to make your way up the table tennis ladder.

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Life at Lyst

We have a group lunch twice a month at our 'show and tells' where the team can show what they've been working on or give talks about what's interesting them. We also have regular team drinks after work, as well as bbqs on our roof terrace.

We are hiring

We use Python and Django to power our web servers that run on EC2. We run a fairly big network of spiders built on Scrapy framework that communicate through ZeroMQ sockets. Our data is stored in PostgreSQL and Redis. Our search engine uses Solr but planning to switch to Elastic Search. Our recommendation and machine learning engine use in-house technologies built with Python and Redis. We have internal A/B testing tool, every developer can make a branch where they implement their own idea and can publish that to a small % of users. We're very goal-driven so measure everything, we use Mixpanel, statsd and graphite for that.

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