Open Signal

We're the world's biggest project to map cell and wifi signal. Our database of crowdsourced cellular and wifi readings powers a recommendation engine that helps people choose the best cellular network for them.

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Life at Open Signal

We do a lot of things as a team apart from working. We sometimes eat lunch together, we often go to tech events together. We're planning to have regular team events maybe some internal hack days, but also some laserquest! We go and fly somewhere new and work from there for a week, so we'll take the team for weeks of hacking in places where the weather's fine, the food is tasty and the wifi signal is strong (we'll check our maps!).

We are hiring

We'd love for our new hires to be multi-talented and multi-interested so while they'd focus on their speciality we want them to experiment with things - write some out-there code, maybe write blog posts.

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