dxw is a small web agency delivering WordPress and Ruby-on-Rails websites to central government and the public sector. We're trying to help improve the standard of government digital, delivering good websites at sensible cost, while also developing some of our own products on the side (such as citrulu.com).

Office and Location

We've just moved to a new office adjacent to the Hallowed Roundabout - high ceilings, natural light, wooden floors and space invader decals. We have a sodastream, coffee machine (which sounds like inception: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3f_8vCFOcM), popcorn maker and a decent little kitchen. We also have a small area for meetings (and naps) with an oversized sofa.

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Life at Dxw

The dxw team is a motley crew of geeks; each with their own interests and specialisms, but brought together by a desire to build good stuff. The atmosphere in the office is relaxed but focused, with an irreverent sense of humour and a minor caffeine dependency. We like to sponsor and get involved with events in the wider development community; camps, hack days and general digital get togethers. Most recently we attended (and won a prize at) Rewired State's National Hack the Government day, and we'll be helping out at Young Rewired State (teaching kids to code) later on this year. We're also sponsoring 12 Devs of Summer this month.

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